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Guangzhou Xinyongli Cutting Tools Manufacturer  is specialized in making industrial cutting tools and “sealing device” (mould) for packaging machines. Additionally, our factory is also dedicated to developing and making abnormal shaped non standardcutting tools mould for substituting the imported products, which can take the place of expensive imported parts with cosmetic, practical and timely supplying.

  Main products include: stainless steel cutting tools for foods industry, cutting tools for paper and printing industry, metal punching and cutting tools mould, cutting tools for plastic and leather industrycutting tools for carton and packaging industry, teeth-shaped cutter for packaging machine, “sealing device” (mould) for packaging machine. Our factory is sophisticated to repair and sharpen...

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  • 食品切割带刀
  • 包装机热封刀座
  • 封箱机齿口切刀
  • 花齿剪刀
  • 投包机齿口切刀
  • L型热封袋器
  • T型齿口切刀
  • T型齿切刀
  • T型大齿口切刀
  • 包装机热封刀座
  • 背封机切刀
  • 齿口环形冲刀
  • 齿口平切刀
  • 齿形切刀
  • 齿口切刀
  • 齿形切断刀
  • 齿口切断刀
  • 齿形平切刀
  • 齿形切袋刀
  • 齿形转切刀
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